Houzz Publishes Kitchen Trends Study 2017

February 10th, 2017
Houzz Kitchen Trends Study 2017

Houzz has recently published its annual Kitchen Trends Study, and as always, it is an interesting read for those of us working in the kitchen industry and those looking to uplift their kitchen.

Over the next few weeks, we will break the study down, taking a closer look at the results and offering advice if you’re looking to renovate your kitchen this year.

Size Matters


Just over a century ago, the kitchen was a mere scullery averaging just 65sq ft. Today, the kitchen is the hub of family life. It serves as a dining room, a meeting room, a study, a social room and of course, a place to prepare food.

And with so much time being spent in the kitchen (60% of homeowners spend three hours or more a day in the kitchen according to last year’s study), it stands to reason that there needs to be space to incorporate all of this activity.

According to the Houzz Kitchen Trends Study, 63% of us are increasing the size of our kitchens. Not only that, but open-plan living continues to be in vogue, with 59% opening the space up to other rooms and 52% opening up to the outdoors.

The beautiful design below by Diane Berry Kitchens offers a mixture of openness, with a seating area for socialising and relaxing, and huge sliding doors, which will be heavenly in the summer months!


See more of this wonderful kitchen here.

Why the Change?

So what triggers a kitchen update? Put simply, more often than not, people like to change with the times.

According to Houzz, 30% of homeowners choose to renovate because they “cannot stand the old kitchen” while 26% had a deteriatored or broken kitchen, which was no longer fit for purpose. If you feel the same, seize the moment and take advantage of seasonal sales (the ALNO Winter Sale is still on until 28th February)!

And finally, 42% of homeowners said they had purchased a home recently and wanted to make it their own.

For more kitchen trends, take a look at the full report here.

In our next kitchen trend study article, we will be looking more at what homeowners are choosing when they renovate their kitchen, from the colour of their cabinets to the top choices for built-in features. Keep an eye on our website, as well as following us on Facebook and Twitter for more.

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