Houzz Kitchen Trends Study 2017: Cabinets, Worktops and Built-in Features

February 23rd, 2017
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The annual Houzz Kitchen Trends Study was published recently, and as always, it offers lots of interesting information if you’re looking to update your kitchen in 2017.

The first in our series of Houzz Kitchen Trends Study articles, which you can read here, looked at how and why people are renovating their kitchens. This week, we focus on what cabinets, worktops and built-in features people are choosing.


According to the survey, cabinets and worktops are the most popular features to replace or upgrade in a kitchen renovation (93%).

Colours of cabinets that stand the test of time, such as white (31%), grey (27%) and beige (9%) continue to reign supreme. 

ALNOFINE in Deep Blue

After the obvious neutral options, blue (6%) was the most popular colour choice for cabinets.

But as we know, kitchen design is as much about function as it is about form. While the appearance of your cabinets is important, the storage behind the doors also needs careful planning.

Unsurprisingly, the overruling motivation for storage updates was to improve general kitchen tidiness. The homeowners who took part in the Houzz Kitchen Trends Study said they wanted to; make better use of space (79%), reduce clutter (57%), make it easier to find items (55%), utilise unreachable spaces (36%), and make cooking/ baking easier (21%).

Cutlery inserts (77%) are by far the most popular clutter-reducing storage choice – the days of wading through old tin openers and vegetable peelers to find the bread knife is becoming a thing of the past!

Drawer Inserts

Other popular storage options are deep drawer organisers (61%), pull-out waste or recycling cabinets (51%), corner carousels (41%), pot and pan organisers (39%), and pull-out trays and shelves (36%).

Storage Solutions


As mentioned above, cabinets and worktops were joint most popular feature to replace or upgrade a kitchen renovation (93%).

Quartz (24%), granite (20%) and laminate (17%) were the most popular upgrades, motivated by look and feel (77%), durability (49%), and ease of cleaning (41%).

Similar to the cabinet colour choices, the top choices for worktops were white (27%), grey (17%), and black (15%).

Built-in Features

It’s fair to assume that a kitchen island is usually at the top of everyone’s wishlist when planning a kitchen renovation, and the Houzz Kitchen Trends Study 2017 seems to support that assumption, with 42% choosing this feature.

Mr & Mrs Wright - ALNOSTAR PLAN

Kitchen islands, like the one featured in the Diane Berry Kitchens design pictured right, are a great way to make your kitchen the perfect space to entertain. See more of it here.

Other popular built-in features were pantry cupboards (40%), breakfast bars (34%), built-in wine fridges/ racks (29%) and perhaps lower than expected, peninsulas (12%).

In our next kitchen trend study article, we will be looking at what appliances homeowners are choosing when they renovate their kitchen.

Find the full Houzz Kitchen Trends Study here.

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