Flawless White Kitchens

December 13th, 2016

When it comes to kitchen design, nothing is more popular than clean and crisp, white cabinets.

However, like all design, it always comes down to personal preference. Despite its popularity, to some, white kitchens can appear too clinical, where for others, it’s the kitchen of their dreams.

Whichever category you fall into, this blog aims to demonstrate just how beautiful white kitchens can be.

Perhaps the most appealing thing about white kitchens is their versatility. Whether you prefer gloss or matt kitchens, white cabinets allow you to experiment with different colour schemes and textures, to find the perfect match for you and your style.

In the design pictured below, wooden stools, matching the breakfast bar and dining table, have been added to contrast against the High-gloss White ALNOSTAR SIGN doors.

See more of this serene kitchen here.


In the below ALNOSTAR FINE kitchen, the matt white doors and pops of walnut go hand-in-hand to create a modern, stylish and inviting kitchen space. See more of it here.

halcyon alnostar fine.png

In the ALNOSTAR SIGN design pictured below, textural contrasts are taken a step further, with beautiful exposed brick behind the cabinets.

See more of this design here, and just wait until you see the penthouse views!


Moving away from textural contrasts, for those looking to add a sense of vibrancy to their otherwise white kitchen, even the slightest bit of colour can make a huge impact.

In the below ALNOSTAR SIGN design, the kitchen island stools offer a pop of colour and instantly catch the eye.


See more of this kitchen here, and look out for the amazing spiral staircase design!

Other kitchen accessories, such as the examples pictured in the ALNOSTAR SUND design pictured right, are also a simple yet effective way to add a burst of colour to your white kitchen.

And finally, don’t worry if modern kitchens aren’t your preference, because traditional-style kitchens can look equally as impressive, as shown in the below ALNOPOL design.


We hope this blog has inspired you to try a stunning white kitchen for yourself. Click here to discover more kitchen ranges or download our brochure.

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