Ergonomic Kitchens: The Working Triangle

August 24th, 2016
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The concept of the kitchen work triangle is to improve ergonomics in the kitchen. This is done by spacing the most commonly used elements in a way that reduces unnecessary travel yet not making the space feel too cramped.

The three major elements of the home kitchen are the fridge/freezer (food storage), the sink (food preparation), and the hob (food cooking).

In domestic cooking, these areas will be travelled back and forth between the most, so it is imperative that the cook has unimpeded, easy access from one to the others.

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Most kitchen designs follow this principal, and it is easy to see the triangle that is created by joining these elements in a diagram. The ideal distance between any two of these elements is 1.2m to 2.7m; this gives enough space to work in without having to walk too far between each.

It is also recommended that no cabinetry or furniture should cross any of the sides of the triangle, as this would make travel between the elements more difficult and slow down cooking time.

To ensure cooking is not interrupted the triangle should not fall within an area of high traffic, where people will be walking back and forth between rooms/spaces, for example.

This principal can also be applied for multiple people using the kitchen at the same time; one working triangle per person. These should not overlap to ensure that each person can work without getting in the other’s way.

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