ALNO Shortlisted for Kitchen Product Innovation of the Year Award!

December 15th, 2016

We’re delighted to announce that ALNOSTRUCT, our brand new range for 2017, has been shortlisted for a Kitchen Product Innovation of the Year Award in the kbbreview Retail & Design Awards 2017!

ALNOSTRUCT has been developed from the ALNOATTRACT design concept as a brand new kitchen range from ALNO. 

Harmoniously merging opposing materials, such as natural wood, transparent black glass and metal, the design concept ALNOATTRACT was born when ALNO’s Design Manager, Ulrich Dahm-Wachsmann visited a church and was struck by the beautiful interplay of wood, glass and light from the segmented windows and historic architecture.  Inspired by this sensory experience, Ulrich has created a truly innovative design concept with balanced asymmetry that blends tradition with vision in a fascinating mix of textures and proportions for a spectacular kitchen, which plays on the idea that opposites attract.

Featuring ergonomically designed lift shelves, so you are able to reach the cabinets above head height, ALNOATTRACT is as practical as it is striking, a kitchen that displays creativity of the highest standards, with an individual character and a playful design.  A real wood veneer, ALNOSTRUCT was created as a kitchen for the future.  Jumps, breaks and offsets reflect current trends, while the accented rib structures and variety of different materials invite you to touch, taking you on a sensory journey through ALNOATTRACT’s exceptional design elements.

The winners will be announced on Monday 27th March 2017 at the Hilton Birmingham Metropole.

To learn more about ALNOSTRUCT and other innovative ALNO ranges, please visit your nearest ALNO showroom.

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